Saturday, August 15, 2009

I got a Facebook!

I got a facebook. I got a facebook. I got a face book! Oh, hola my peeps. Guess what? I got a facebook! Just look for Alexandra Burger! My pic is a panda holding a heart! Cute right? There, you will find out who my friends are and what there doing! You can also c videos of me and my friends. They are not there now, but I will put them up soon. All I had to say. Peace out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School Daze!

Hey guys!!!! Aly here and I have got some advice for YOU! Yes you! So stop drooling over your key bored and put down the Cosmo Girl magazine and listen up. Me and Amber are starting middle school this year, so that means there are going to be alot of problems. In 7th grade, alot of things start coming up that you never would have thought happens in real life. Drugs, violence and yes, even sex. But there is a way to avoid all of this. Well, 2 actually. One is: Surrond yourself with the right people. Some of your closest friends might start doing some stuff that you know is wrong. I know that it will be hard to stop being friends, and you dont have to stop. Not yet. Confront them about it. And if they dont listen, stop answering their calls, emails and just down right act like they dont exist. I know that it sounds really mean, but tough love always works if they truly care about you. Like I said, surrond yourself with the right people, and avoid the group that does the wrong kind of stuff. 2: DONT GIVE IN TO PEER PRESSURE!! People with try to get you do stuff that you dont want to do using threats by calling you names and threatining not to be your friend. Well, if they were really your friend, they wouldnt be putting you in that kind of situation. So this year, be yourself and dont let anything get in your way. <3 u guys!