Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello...hello ITS ME!!!!

Ok....pretend your best friend is calling your cell phone....(ring,ring) and im your best friend!!!!! So the phone rings and you pick it up and i scream "Hey!!!!its Amber whats up!!!!"
So if you thinking " why is amber asking these stupid questions." Because im having a quiz to see who would be my best friend!!!!!!!! So hear we go!!!

1.If you and me were having a sleepover tonight...what would u always bring?
a. cell phone
b. a brush
c. game boy
d. lip gloss

2.What is your favorite color?
a. Green
b. Blue
c. Pink

3.We are all at the beach...what are you doing.
a. Tanning
b. In the water
c. Surfing
d. Building Castles

4. What is my style?
a. Sporty
b. Glamor
c. Designer clothes
d. Girly

5.What is my favorite store?
a. Limited too
b. American Eagle
c. Abercrombie
d. Hollister

6.What pet do i have.
a. A cat named Dennis
b. A dog named Romeo
c. A horse names Pie
d. A hamster named Tiny

7.What is my talents.
b.Dancing,Tennis, Gymnastics.
c.Opera singing, Watching tv, Playing video games.

8.What phone do i have?

a.I phone
c.NV 3

Ok....well put your answers in comments and i'll put up the answers soon.
i <3>
New Jersey Girls

Not so bad boy is not so bad after all

Hey not so bad boy!!!!!!! Most guys are tring to be cool infront of there friends to fit in.... i mean who doesn't want to fit in!!But the fact that he opened up to you is a big deal to anyone and you should fell special that he trust you enough to tell you. Boys have ways to tell you things that they think is ready for you to hear even though nobody wants to hear it. Boys do not have girl brains...what they think is right is never ever right, and even though they are stupid they are smart because you learn from everything they do. So i think you should support what he likes and you guys should get together because he seems like a really nice guy.
I <3 u
New Jersey Girls

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mike and Aly!

K. All of you know about Michael and the amazing videos that he does on you tube,right? Well what you dont know is that I am on a few of them. One of them is "Aly Interview" and another is "Random Arguments wiht Mike and Aly" So go on and when you get to the little search engine, type in roxxorprductns ands see what happens. The when you get there, look for those vids. There are also tons more! Stop being a bum and go on! Now. I am not kidding. GO!


Ello People! Aly here with some awsome news. I was just playing hex with this really cool dude Stig! When I looked around at even more games I saw that he had played every game on this sight and won! So to that I say that stig is NJ Girls GAMER OF THE MONTH! Congradulations Stig and have an awsome summer!

How to make money this summer!

Cha Ching! Every kid and adult loves the sound of money! But with summer coming up, you really dont feel like doing any work. Lemonade stands are good, but if you live out on a dead end like I do then you just end up drinking up all the lemonade yourself. So I have a few quick tips to help you get the cash flowing. One thing that I am doing this summer is taking care of my neighbors dog. Infact, I have to go really soon, so let me make this quick. They are out of town alot, so I just have to let the dog out and then bring him back in and feed him. THATS ALL I HAVE TO DO. And the next day I find a five dollar bill in the mail. How easy is that. Another thing you could do is if a neighbor is on vacation you could bring in their mail for them. (This is not a job for the nosy because you will most likely end up reading their mail instead of dilivering it.)
Now we have to talk about how to actually get the summer job. The first thing is just ask! Ask very politley. For example, "Hello Mrs. Smith! I was wondering that if you were going away this summer if you might like me to water your plants, or bring in your mail for you?" If she says yes, give her your card. It does not have to be anything fancy. Just a piece of note card paper with your number, email, skills and pricing for said skills. NEVER AMYTHING OVER $5.00. You want buissness so you have to have a good price. The last way to get jobs is advertising. Send emails to all of your moms or dads friends. When you have company over hand out your card. Put up a poster on the bullieten bored in your local super market. After that you can count your cash. So get to it!
Peace out and love ya!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hey! Its me aly. I have not been around for like a really long time and let me I have missed you guys so much. As some of you know I am also the writer of and I lost my password and username! So if you go on and there is nothing new on there, you now know why. So, I have been looking for the latest gossip but I could not find anything. But I found a good topic. SUBSTITUTES THAT LOOK LIKE MEN! One of them that look like men is Mrs. Dressed. She looks like she got dressed in the dark. If you read the last two sentances you noticed that her name is MRS. Dressed. How the heck did that happen? Another one is Mrs. Moore. Again, HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN? Mrs. Moore has like 30 chins and on teh 30th chin, she has all of these long, white hairs. I have only one thing to say to her, "Its called a gillute fusion razer. Heavy duty please!" I know that this is off topic, but I hace another person in my school that needs to be talked about. There is this women in our main office that is SUPER fat. We went into the main office and asked her to see if our orchestra teacher was there and she was just like, "I do not know who she is." And she got an attitude and what not. So then we were just like, "Well do you know if Mr. Wallace is here" and she was just like, "Let me check." I swear it took her like five minutes to get out of her "E-Z OUT" chair and adjust her spandex "E-Z fit" pants. When she was done she did not even tell us if she was here or not . She just told us to leave. We then went down to Ms. Debbie, the schools security guard and told her what happened. She then said that she was a certain name. Then she said that she was so lazy. If she were to call the main office and the phone would be right next to her and she wouldnt pick it up. AND IT WAS TRUE! She said that the only time would walk would be if you told her that you had a piece of cake in your locker. Well, thats about it. I hope that u liked it, cuz I could get in TROUBLE for this. Well Love ya and PEACE OUT!!!

Roxxor prductns

Hay all you people of earth and people like aly...its AMBER HERE TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT MY FRIEND OTHER THAN ALY...MICHEAL.!!!! Micheal is one of my besties here...and he has a really kewl YouTube account on YouTube and you should totally check it out. But first let me tell you something about Micheal...and this is a real interview....
Favorite color-BLACK
Ok thats enough interviewing for Micheal....check out you tube vidios....go on and then write roxxor prductns
i heart u,

Monday, June 1, 2009

School is almost up And summer is coming up

hay you no who it is...i mean who else could it be.As you no school is closing to an end....and that means we are saying goodbye to sorry 6th grade and hello to koolin 7th.....and that also means we are saying hello to big troubles. But no worries we have the hole summer ahead of us. So no its up to us on how we spend it.
AMBER- I am going to theater camps all the way baby....its on. First im going to Atlanta to visit my 25 year old bro and he 's putting me in theater. Then im going to spend time with my family...and spend time with villagers theater. Next im going to hang out with Aly before the trip to London or Hawaii...i dont no yet. Then to top it off cheerleading camp and to put the cherry on top .......SHOPPING!!!!!And than i might be going to the Bahamas. OH YEAH!!!
ALY-Im going to FLORIDA...and get the best tan in the WORLD....( echo approved ). To see my crazy cousins...Nick,John,Tori,Matt...and mabey O.V. They are all older than me...but when my little brother is there.....i LOVE MY COUSINS DEARLY...and although they are in there 20's they still cant manage to keep there rooms clean. LOOKS LIKE IM GOING TO BE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH!!!!"lucky me" ( no pun intended).After we get back tons of ghost tours....u no me!!!!!And a week of my uncle andy's in the middle of nowhere.And of course hanging out with my bff amber.HOW AWESOME AM I!!!!!
So now u no what we are doing and we want to no what u are doing......On comments tell us what you are doing.........KK