Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hey! Its me aly. I have not been around for like a really long time and let me I have missed you guys so much. As some of you know I am also the writer of and I lost my password and username! So if you go on and there is nothing new on there, you now know why. So, I have been looking for the latest gossip but I could not find anything. But I found a good topic. SUBSTITUTES THAT LOOK LIKE MEN! One of them that look like men is Mrs. Dressed. She looks like she got dressed in the dark. If you read the last two sentances you noticed that her name is MRS. Dressed. How the heck did that happen? Another one is Mrs. Moore. Again, HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN? Mrs. Moore has like 30 chins and on teh 30th chin, she has all of these long, white hairs. I have only one thing to say to her, "Its called a gillute fusion razer. Heavy duty please!" I know that this is off topic, but I hace another person in my school that needs to be talked about. There is this women in our main office that is SUPER fat. We went into the main office and asked her to see if our orchestra teacher was there and she was just like, "I do not know who she is." And she got an attitude and what not. So then we were just like, "Well do you know if Mr. Wallace is here" and she was just like, "Let me check." I swear it took her like five minutes to get out of her "E-Z OUT" chair and adjust her spandex "E-Z fit" pants. When she was done she did not even tell us if she was here or not . She just told us to leave. We then went down to Ms. Debbie, the schools security guard and told her what happened. She then said that she was a certain name. Then she said that she was so lazy. If she were to call the main office and the phone would be right next to her and she wouldnt pick it up. AND IT WAS TRUE! She said that the only time would walk would be if you told her that you had a piece of cake in your locker. Well, thats about it. I hope that u liked it, cuz I could get in TROUBLE for this. Well Love ya and PEACE OUT!!!

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