Saturday, August 15, 2009

I got a Facebook!

I got a facebook. I got a facebook. I got a face book! Oh, hola my peeps. Guess what? I got a facebook! Just look for Alexandra Burger! My pic is a panda holding a heart! Cute right? There, you will find out who my friends are and what there doing! You can also c videos of me and my friends. They are not there now, but I will put them up soon. All I had to say. Peace out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School Daze!

Hey guys!!!! Aly here and I have got some advice for YOU! Yes you! So stop drooling over your key bored and put down the Cosmo Girl magazine and listen up. Me and Amber are starting middle school this year, so that means there are going to be alot of problems. In 7th grade, alot of things start coming up that you never would have thought happens in real life. Drugs, violence and yes, even sex. But there is a way to avoid all of this. Well, 2 actually. One is: Surrond yourself with the right people. Some of your closest friends might start doing some stuff that you know is wrong. I know that it will be hard to stop being friends, and you dont have to stop. Not yet. Confront them about it. And if they dont listen, stop answering their calls, emails and just down right act like they dont exist. I know that it sounds really mean, but tough love always works if they truly care about you. Like I said, surrond yourself with the right people, and avoid the group that does the wrong kind of stuff. 2: DONT GIVE IN TO PEER PRESSURE!! People with try to get you do stuff that you dont want to do using threats by calling you names and threatining not to be your friend. Well, if they were really your friend, they wouldnt be putting you in that kind of situation. So this year, be yourself and dont let anything get in your way. <3 u guys!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Teen Vogue

Hay its Amber, the fashion icon of New Jersey Girls.Aly has the creative one. Any way school is starting up and for some people you need new a wardrobe!!!!!! So i have a cool new tip. Go on and take some notes.
Another tip- Don't copy every little detail, make it your own!!!!!
Rock the school year!!!!!!!!!
I <3 U

Fact or Fiction?

Hey guys! Aly here at the mic and I have some JUICY gossip here. First of all: Are Taylor Swift and Lucas getting closer? We all saw them in the "You belong with me" music video, but what you didn't see is what went on behind the scenes. During an interview he spilled that he has had a crush on Taylor for a couple of years. "I have a crush on Taylor for a couploe of years now. And she knows that I do." So does this mean that those two are dating? "No we are not dating!But we might if I get lucky!" He is def falling hard for this country sweet heart!!! So I say that this rumor is TRUE!!

Another rumor is: Is Miley replacing Selena as Demi's BFF? Miley and Demi have been tweeting each other BFF love notes and were inseprable in London on the red carpet. They were even wearing matching silver dresses. But when confronted about this, Demi replied by saying, "Me and Selena are best friends and no can ever change that. I miss her like crazy, but I took it day by day and I also have other friends who are really close to me." So this is: FICTION!

Last but not least: Is Emma a diva? Every body knows that Emma Watson is in the Harry Potter movies, another thing people think they know is that Emma is a total DIVA! Reprtes say that she is always complaining, showing up late, and upseting cast members with her rudness. But when her co-stars were interviewd, they said that Emma was great to have on the set and alot of fun to be around. As you can see this rumor is...... FICTOIN! See you guys later with some more gossip. <3 YOU GUYS!!!

Summer Fashion!!

Hola! Aly here and I have some major gossip coming up, but first I wanted to do some fashion, ya know, just for fun. K, so here goes.

Flirty Florals are totes in right now. So that means that you can do alot of different things with it. To see what I mean, go on to to see some stars in the latest fashion. So go ahead and I will see you again when I have some juicy gossip! <3>

Monday, July 6, 2009

Kind of like Sonny with a chance

Hay!!!!! Its Amber jersey and im giving you a chance!!!!!! Just like Sonny with a chance on Disney channel to be on our........... BLOG!!!! thats right you heard it here folks and if im lieing im dieing. So here are the instructions.....

1.Send a letter of why you think New Jersey girls is the best!!!!!!

2.Send the letter to

3.And see who is the winner.

And just so you no you dont have to just right a can send us a video...or a GO GO GO and see what happens.

I <3>
New Jersey girls

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tweet Tweet. Tweet Tweet.

Sups! Guess what, not only can you chat with me, Aly, but you can also follow me and Amber on twitter. Its really cool. Just go to and you should see my updates. For ambers, just go on to ! Go ahead. We will keep you posted! lol. Another thing is, summer is here and that means we have no learning to do what so ever. But that doesnt mean you shouldn't review what you learned over the year. Yeah, it might sound dumb, but you will thank me when you start school again adn you actually know what a variable is. Or what 12 times 12 is. Thats 144 by the way. So go ahead. Go now. I will be here when you get back. take your time. You have the whole summer. I guess this is my cue to leave. Peace out! :)