Friday, July 3, 2009

Tweet Tweet. Tweet Tweet.

Sups! Guess what, not only can you chat with me, Aly, but you can also follow me and Amber on twitter. Its really cool. Just go to and you should see my updates. For ambers, just go on to ! Go ahead. We will keep you posted! lol. Another thing is, summer is here and that means we have no learning to do what so ever. But that doesnt mean you shouldn't review what you learned over the year. Yeah, it might sound dumb, but you will thank me when you start school again adn you actually know what a variable is. Or what 12 times 12 is. Thats 144 by the way. So go ahead. Go now. I will be here when you get back. take your time. You have the whole summer. I guess this is my cue to leave. Peace out! :)

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