Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fact or Fiction?

Hey guys! Aly here at the mic and I have some JUICY gossip here. First of all: Are Taylor Swift and Lucas getting closer? We all saw them in the "You belong with me" music video, but what you didn't see is what went on behind the scenes. During an interview he spilled that he has had a crush on Taylor for a couple of years. "I have a crush on Taylor for a couploe of years now. And she knows that I do." So does this mean that those two are dating? "No we are not dating!But we might if I get lucky!" He is def falling hard for this country sweet heart!!! So I say that this rumor is TRUE!!

Another rumor is: Is Miley replacing Selena as Demi's BFF? Miley and Demi have been tweeting each other BFF love notes and were inseprable in London on the red carpet. They were even wearing matching silver dresses. But when confronted about this, Demi replied by saying, "Me and Selena are best friends and no can ever change that. I miss her like crazy, but I took it day by day and I also have other friends who are really close to me." So this is: FICTION!

Last but not least: Is Emma a diva? Every body knows that Emma Watson is in the Harry Potter movies, another thing people think they know is that Emma is a total DIVA! Reprtes say that she is always complaining, showing up late, and upseting cast members with her rudness. But when her co-stars were interviewd, they said that Emma was great to have on the set and alot of fun to be around. As you can see this rumor is...... FICTOIN! See you guys later with some more gossip. <3 YOU GUYS!!!

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