Monday, June 1, 2009

School is almost up And summer is coming up

hay you no who it is...i mean who else could it be.As you no school is closing to an end....and that means we are saying goodbye to sorry 6th grade and hello to koolin 7th.....and that also means we are saying hello to big troubles. But no worries we have the hole summer ahead of us. So no its up to us on how we spend it.
AMBER- I am going to theater camps all the way baby....its on. First im going to Atlanta to visit my 25 year old bro and he 's putting me in theater. Then im going to spend time with my family...and spend time with villagers theater. Next im going to hang out with Aly before the trip to London or Hawaii...i dont no yet. Then to top it off cheerleading camp and to put the cherry on top .......SHOPPING!!!!!And than i might be going to the Bahamas. OH YEAH!!!
ALY-Im going to FLORIDA...and get the best tan in the WORLD....( echo approved ). To see my crazy cousins...Nick,John,Tori,Matt...and mabey O.V. They are all older than me...but when my little brother is there.....i LOVE MY COUSINS DEARLY...and although they are in there 20's they still cant manage to keep there rooms clean. LOOKS LIKE IM GOING TO BE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH!!!!"lucky me" ( no pun intended).After we get back tons of ghost tours....u no me!!!!!And a week of my uncle andy's in the middle of nowhere.And of course hanging out with my bff amber.HOW AWESOME AM I!!!!!
So now u no what we are doing and we want to no what u are doing......On comments tell us what you are doing.........KK


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