Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to make money this summer!

Cha Ching! Every kid and adult loves the sound of money! But with summer coming up, you really dont feel like doing any work. Lemonade stands are good, but if you live out on a dead end like I do then you just end up drinking up all the lemonade yourself. So I have a few quick tips to help you get the cash flowing. One thing that I am doing this summer is taking care of my neighbors dog. Infact, I have to go really soon, so let me make this quick. They are out of town alot, so I just have to let the dog out and then bring him back in and feed him. THATS ALL I HAVE TO DO. And the next day I find a five dollar bill in the mail. How easy is that. Another thing you could do is if a neighbor is on vacation you could bring in their mail for them. (This is not a job for the nosy because you will most likely end up reading their mail instead of dilivering it.)
Now we have to talk about how to actually get the summer job. The first thing is just ask! Ask very politley. For example, "Hello Mrs. Smith! I was wondering that if you were going away this summer if you might like me to water your plants, or bring in your mail for you?" If she says yes, give her your card. It does not have to be anything fancy. Just a piece of note card paper with your number, email, skills and pricing for said skills. NEVER AMYTHING OVER $5.00. You want buissness so you have to have a good price. The last way to get jobs is advertising. Send emails to all of your moms or dads friends. When you have company over hand out your card. Put up a poster on the bullieten bored in your local super market. After that you can count your cash. So get to it!
Peace out and love ya!

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